International Engine Of The Year Awards Announced

International Engine Of The Year Awards Announced

The International Engine Of The Year Awards have been announced, and the big winner this year was Volkswagen’s 1.4L TSI, a miracle of an engine that packs both a turbocharger and a supercharger to coax 178 bhp out of just 1.4L. The full list of winners is below the jump.

[Source: International Engine Of The Year Awards]

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Best New Engine Of 2010Fiat 1.4L Multiair Turbo

Green Engine Of The YearToyota 1.8L Hybrid

Best Performance EngineMercedes 6.2L AMG V8

Sub 1-Litre Toyota 1-Litre

1-1.4 Litre Volkswagen 1.4L TSI

1.4-1.8 Litre BMW PSA 1.6L Turbo

1.8-2.0 Litre BMW 2-Litre Twin-Turbo Diesel

2.0-2.5 Litre Audi 2.5L Five Cylinder Turbo

2.5-3.0 Litre BMW 3-Litre Twin Turbo

3.0-4.0 Litre BMW 4-Litre V8

Above 4.0 Litre Mercedes 6.2 AMG V8

  • Chad

    These automakers needs to take some engine building cues from motorcycle engines. My 1990 Concours makes 90 BHP in a 990cc package. 20 year old tech! Modern day supersport 600cc engines are pumping out over 100 BHP. I am looking at these engine awards and seeing that the car makers are about 20 years behind the curve on small package HP.

  • FowVay

    Chad, if you put that 100 horsepower, 600cc motorcycle engine in a 3,000 lb automobile it wouldn’t get out of it’s own way. The dynamics associated with moving a 450 lb motorcycle are quite different from what’s required to move a 3,000 lb automobile.

    Another issue is trying to cut emissions to near zero output while delivering fuel economy and driveability that is demanded by the modern buyer.

    Yes, the motorcycle industry makes some incredibly fascinating machines. A screaming 15,000 RPM, small displacement sportbike engine simply doesn’t seem to be as much fun when stuck in a cage during rush hour.

  • Chad Wilson

    100hp is 100hp at the crank. It is the tranny that makes the difference on what gets to the wheels. And the cars out today with 100hp motors don’t weight 3000. The Hyundai Accent of a few years ago was only 105hp. The difference between that and a supersport motor is RPM the power was made at, and I would rather have 12,000 rpms screaming at me than the 4,000. The driving sensation is awesome!

  • fowvay

    The tranny? Oh brother..