Kids as Bad As Alcohol When Driving

Kids as Bad As Alcohol When Driving

We guess that the standards “Don’t make me come back there” or “If you don’t shut up, I will turn this car around” just aren’t cutting it anymore. Drivers need some new empty threats, because a study has found that kids fighting in the back of a vehicle can impair the driver’s skills as much as alcohol consumed to the legal driving limit.

The study, which was conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) found that that when kids were kicking and screaming in the back of the car, drivers’ reactions times slowed by an average of 13%. That’s the percentage of drivers who had drunk the 80mg/100ml legal limit for alcohol (maybe they needed a couple of drinks to drown out all the crying and screaming). The delay in reaction added four meters (around 13 feet) to stopping distances when traveling at highway speeds.

And kids fighting also had some other effects on driving skills. Research found that back-seat squabbles led to 40 percent more instances of hard braking, and increased stress levels by nearly a third. And when you put these two factors together, you’ve got a car accident in the making.

Senior TRL researcher Dr Nick Reed said: “There was a noticeable impairment to driving caused simply by the noise of arguing children. Precautions should be taken.” We’re guessing that one of those precautions could include doing this.

[Source: Ride Lust]