Last Chevy Cobalt to Roll Off Production Line This Week

Last Chevy Cobalt to Roll Off Production Line This Week

With nearly one million models sold in six years, the last Chevrolet Cobalt will roll off the production line this week. The Cobalt has been manufactured at GM’s Lordstown assembly plant since its launch in 2004 but was never attained the success of the Cavalier it replaced. An uncompetitive vehicle compared to segment leaders like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, Chevy at least churned out a badass Cobalt SS in 2008 making 260-hp and 260 ft-lbs of torque. That model was rated at 5.5 seconds to 60 mph and could even run a 13.9 second quater mile.

But not even a Car & Driver comparo that proved the Cobalt SS could lap VIR faster than a Mitsubishi EVO, (not to mention a Lexus IS-F, Audi S5, Honda S2000, Subaru WRX STI or Lotus Elise SC) could win the Cobalt any respect.

The Cobalt is set to be replaced by GM’s latest compact car effort, the Cruze, which is larger, considerably more refined and significantly more fuel efficient.

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  • Chad

    Wimps! You didn’t try hard enough. Mitsubishi took the Lancer and turned into a tuners wet dream. The Lancer had to be about the most boring car an owner could be forced to own.

  • speedyo

    My yellow 2009 Cobalt SS was fitted with the LNF upgrade to 290hp and 340lb torque, in June. Who can give me the performance figures of this modification. I bought the car Aug. 2009 and understand that only 15 sedans were produced in 2009. Since reading of low production, I have garaged the car with only 8,000 miles on the odometer. Can this car be called a collectible??? If not I’ll put it back on the road. Give me your advice in it’s collectability. Did strike it rich?

  • Velma Rigsby

    We just bought the last Cobalt 2009 SS in our area.It was still on the showroom floor. I was told not many of this model was made.Any one no how many were produced? Got a great deal. We love this car. The power is something.We have owned lots of muscle cars. This car was not bought for power.But I am Impressed!!

  • amped

    There has always been a lancer evolution since 1992. Lancer was the most boring car? I could easily name at least 10 cars currently available that are more boring than a lancer.

    Not to be rude but your cobalt will never be a collectors item. Nor any other cobalt for that matter. Even the first production cobalt wont be a collectors item. The cobalt isn’t really a car that people go and say “damn, i wish i had a cobalt.”

  • Sue Werner

    I’ve had my Chevy cobalt since 2006 and I have no problems or grips about the performance or look of the car. This was my 1st brand new car and I love my chevy cobalt.

  • speedyo14

    my 2009 cobalt ss 4dr with the LNF upgrade to 300 hp is a collectors item. my rallye yellow will stay in the family and bring a hefty price. yes it was a rude remark. It’s a diamond in the smooth.