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 |  Jun 07 2010, 2:35 PM

The Lexus SC430 has trundled on for 10 long years as the convertible of choice for Lexus devotees who are well heeled enough to buy a hardtop convertible, and don’t want the sporty driving dynamics of a Mercedes SL or BMW 6-Series – in short, wealthy old people.

Now, after a decade of production, the big Lexus is being put out to pasture. Falling demand (less than 1000 sold in 2009, with 70% sold in America) has been blamed for the vehicle’s cancellation, and a new hybrid-powered droptop, being dubbed the SC600h is apparently on the way. If you still crave an SC430, 300 are being produced for this model year, and your local Lexus dealer would likely be glad to sell you one, or one of their leftover stock from previous years.

[Source: Motor Trend]