Man Run Over by Own Truck; Dog in the Driver’s Seat

Man Run Over by Own Truck; Dog in the Driver’s Seat

On Sunday, June 20th, Hernando County, Florida resident Christopher Bishop was inspecting the underbelly of his Ford F-150 for oil and fluid leaks. However, before crawling underneath, Bishop, 43, had left the driver’s door open and the transmission in neutral. At the time, his pet, a hyperactive Bulldog named Tassey was also roaming around free while Bishop was underneath the truck. Suddenly, Tassey bounded into the front seat of the pickup and started jumping around, enough in fact to bang the truck into gear, causing it roll forward and over the left side of Bishop’s body as he lay underneath.

According to a police report filed by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, Bishop was able to get up, jump into the F-150 and stop it before it hit the fence next to his mobile home. He managed to shut the  truck off and go inside his house, but after several hours of severe pain, finally placed a call to the hospital and was dispatched to Pasco Regional with non life threatening injuries. Asked why he waited so long to seek medical assistance, Bishop replied, “I don’t like doctors.”

[Source: St. Petersburg Times]

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