Mercedes Reportedly Planning BMW X6-Styled GLC Crossover

Mercedes Reportedly Planning BMW X6-Styled GLC Crossover

It seems as though BMW’s X6 has developed a following in certain parts of the world and may just have created a whole new segment after all. Already we’ve seen Acura jump into the mix, with the ZDX. Now, it appears as though Mercedes will follow with a new model, that Auto Zeitung reports, will be called the Geländecoupé – or GLC for short.

Smaller than the X6 this new model will actually not compete in the same segment, but will mimic the style of the larger Sport Activity Vehicle. Instead it will bring the coupe-styled crossover slightly down-market, competing with a rumored BMW X4 in the future. Both rear-drive and AWD versions will be available, using powerplants from both the C and E-Class models.

If in fact the reports are true, don’t look for the GLC until at least 2014.

[Source: AutoZeitung via eMercedesBenz]


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