MINI Taunts Porsche in Rocky IV Training Montage

MINI Taunts Porsche in Rocky IV Training Montage

It’s possibly the best 80’s montage of them all; yes, we’re talking about the training scene from Rocky IV where the underdog Balboa trains in a wooden hut in the Russian countryside while Captain Ivan Drago (aka, Dolf Lungren) pumps up on steroids and makes use of the world’s most sophisticated machines to tone his body.

Well, in MINI’s continued bid to taunt Porsche into a showdown at Road Atlanta, the fun-loving (and internet marketing savvy) folks at MINI have teamed up with the comedy geniuses at FunnyorDie to produce a parody of the epic montage that is sure to pump you up. It’s no surprise that the part of Rocky is played by a MINI and that those overly serious Russians are played by overly serious folks from Porsche.

And we thought the Ford Fiesta campaign was smart online marketing.

[Source: FunnyorDie]

See the video after the jump:

  • Chad

    I love it! Okay, not for Porsche to think outside of the box. They need to accept the challenge, but bring something like the Cayenne or something really old and classic to the challenge.

  • Colum Wood

    That’s a smart way of looking at it. Bring out a hybrid prototype or something and turn the marketing move on its head.

  • Chad

    Somehow, this can be used for charity, and it would make both companies look great in the end.

  • GT

    Looks like the ads is sponsor by both companies…

  • Riley

    What is the song??