Mustang Sales Dominance Spurred On By Incentives, Not New Models

Mustang Sales Dominance Spurred On By Incentives, Not New Models

Statistics have a funny way of being twisted to suit any story. Most recently, we heard reports that after losing out to the Camaro in the sales race, the Mustang was back on top in May, with total sales of 10,225 easily trumping those of the Camaro at 8,931. The numbers were used to support the notion that Ford‘s new models, including the 305-hp/31-mpg V6 Mustang and awesome 412-hp 5.0-liter GT, were sticking it to Chevy‘s Camaro.

Part of that is true, with the new Mustang models selling well in May. The other side of the story, however, is that 43 percent of May’s Mustang sales were 2010 models – sold with considerable discounts and incentives. According to Automotive News, the 2010 Mustang was offered with $2,500 off and anywhere from 0 to 5.9 percent financing, while the new 2011 models were not discounted and had financing as high as 7.9 percent. Ford will continue to offer excellent deals on 2010 models as it looks to off-load the models that we honestly can’t believe anyone would consider when compared to the new 2011s.

[Source: Automotive News]


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