Nissan Leaf Ads To Appear On 4th Gen iPhones

Nissan Leaf Ads To Appear On 4th Gen iPhones

Nissan sure knows how to target future customers for the Nissan Leaf. At Steve Jobs’ keynote speech this week, the Apple CEO unveiled the new 4th generation iPhone, and what product made a prominent appearance to display the new iAd system? Why, the Nissan Leaf, of course!

The Apple demographic is probably more open to an electric car than PC users, and Nissan is well aware of this. Not only was the Leaf front and center during the demonstration, but there was even a nice, good look at the Leaf reservation form, with Steve Jobs name and email address already filled in. How subtle. Apparently, this is all part of a contest Nissan is running, and users can view various features of the car, look at a 360 view of it by tapping their fingers along the touch pad, and register for more info, but this is still a very astute marketing move by Nissan.

The new iPhone goes on sale July 1st, while the Leaf hits the market later in 2010. But unless your name is Steve Jobs, good luck getting one – this years allocation is already spoken for.

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[Source: Engadget]

  • Adam

    It goes on sale June 24, not July 1.