Nissan Skyline R34 Sports R35 GT-R Front End, Godzilla Is Not Happy

Nissan Skyline R34 Sports R35 GT-R Front End, Godzilla Is Not Happy

Ugh. We guess it was only a matter of time before it happened, and as much as we wanted to avoid the inevitable, well here it is. Over in Japan some crafty tuner has outfitted the Nissan R35 GT-R front end onto their Skyline R34 Coupe. And while it seems like the overall body flows – with the wider front fenders matching the rear – we’re not a huge fan of the conversion.

The Skyline R34 design is one with sharp edges and carries more of a rectangular style than the curvaceous and bubbly R35 GT-R. The incorporation of the rounded and soft-edged R35 front end just looks out of the place on the sharper edged rear end of the R34. At first glance it’s not a bad product overall, but we’re just finding it sacrilegious to be blending the two generations into one. But hey, the conversion obviously took a lot of work, incorporating the fenders, hood, headlights and front bumper in a way that blended in with the side skirts and the rest of the body. The craftsmanship is there, so we give it an A for execution, but an F for concept.

Let’s hope the days of front end conversions, or headlight conversions or even taillight conversions are behind us. Just too many nightmares of Civic hatchbacks sporting Supra taillights and Integra front ends haunt us. We just know there’s no way we’ll avoid seeing a similar conversion on our soil some time soon. Ugh.

GALLERY: Nissan Skyline R34 with R35 GT-R Front End

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[Source: Farm of Minds]

  • davie

    yo that is sick as hell just cause the guy thought it up dont hate on him. its pretty fucking classy. gota admit the older r34 looks better and i probably wouldnt do it its still hot. wonder if he put the oldschool rb motor in it two?

  • jzEllis

    meh…not bad really…but honestly don’t see what the big deal is. neither versions are what you could call “lookers”. heck i favor the R33 far more than any other skyline but i must admit, the R32 is probaly the best looking of the bunch…and it’s a wallflower itself.

    i give them 2 thumbs up just for sheer creativity and custom know how…cars are supposed to be fun! who cares what some lame writer at AutoGuide thinks.

  • Vincent Lin

    Not the best looking but 2 thumbs up for creativity and effort. Let’s hope the R34 was not the GTR version to begin with and has a RB25DET or preferably the RB26DETT