Nissan Stagea M35 Wagon Gets GT-R Front End Conversion

Nissan Stagea M35 Wagon Gets GT-R Front End Conversion

After spotting the Nissan Skyline R34 with an R35 GT-R front end conversion, we scoured the Internet for other vehicles that may have received the R35 front end treatment. This wagon is a bit of an oldie, but it didn’t strike us the first time around since the Stagea isn’t quite the statement car the Skyline R34 is. But nonethless and much to our dismay, here’s another sharp-edged, boxy vehicle sporting the R35 GT-R front end.

But does this strike the same nerve that the R34 does? Sort of. This conversion is pretty much along the same lines as the R34 conversion since the Stagea is commonly known as the Skyline wagon out in Japan. Even though it hardly resembles its sporty, high performance counterpart, Japanese tuners have always looked to turning Stageas more like Skylines. Masa Motorsport had even manufactured an R34 front end conversion for the previous generation Stagea, the WC34.

So we guess it’s not a huge surprise that an R35 front end ended up on the M35 Stagea, but it’s still no reason to make an excuse that it looks good, especially since the Stagea lacks a wider rear. At least this builder took the time to slightly widen the rear quarter panels. Again, we’re not knocking the craftsmanship and effort that’s put into it; we just wish it wasn’t for this sort of project. We’re sure it garners a ton of attention out in Japan though!

GALLERY: Nissan Stagea M35 Wagon with GT-R R35 Front End

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  • jzEllis

    are you guys serious…you do know that the top end Stagea is nothing less than a GTR wagon right? same engine, drivetrain and performance. at least the last gen was. as far as the nose swap, looks good! the R35 GTR is hardly a looker anyway. (altho i am a huge fan) the angular lines it caries transfer well in this conversion.

    i never get how the rest of the world always gets these nice, mean, sport wagons, yet in the US one is forced to haul the faimly around in a lard @ssed sport ute or “novicanemobile”, minivan. guess i’ll have to settle for tweaking my ecoboost Flex. or maybe find a nice SRT8 Magnum. =(

  • Vincent Lin

    Not as bad as you may think, it’s your opinion though, that’s ok