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 |  Jun 30 2010, 5:37 PM

The electric car is still a hard sell for a significant part of the population, and for those who are still skeptical, Nissan has something geared towards them, with a massive campaign designed to get “thousands” of people test driving the Nissan Leaf.

The test drives will occur alongside traditional media buys. The buzz for one of the first electric vehicles to be sold nationwide is something that Nissan is eager to capitalize on, and the sight of the Leaf on the road is sure to generate tons of attention for the brand. Nissan will also be able to leverage the all important word-of-mouth marketing from (presumably) enthusiastic test drivers, who will not only tell their friends, but presumably talk about their experiences via blogs, Facebook or Twitter (where users could conceivably live-blog their driving experience, posting pictures and impressions through their mobile phones).

[Source: Nissan]