No Deal Between Volkswagen and Proton/Lotus

No Deal Between Volkswagen and Proton/Lotus

Malaysian automaker and Lotus Cars parent company Proton has announced the results of talks with Volkswagen and, well, there’s nothing to report. Like previous talks from several years back any planned collaboration between the two companies has been axed.

According to previous reports, a deal between the two automakers would see Proton get platforms and engines from VW to use for new models in its home market, while VW would presumably get getter access to Asian markets. It’s likely that VW’s recent stake in Suzuki has made that mostly redundant, while an ongoing Proton-Mitsubishi partnership would only have complicated the bargaining process.

Partial or full ownership would likely have given Proton a more secure future, and the same can be said for Lotus. The German automaker has done incredible things for once-nice brands like Lamborghini and it would have been exciting to see what a collaboration between Lotus and VW could have led to.

[Source: PaulTan]


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