Parents Text as Much as Teens While Driving

Parents Text as Much as Teens While Driving

You’d think that parents would want to set a good example for their teens, especially when it comes to good driving habits. But now a new study shows that adults are just as bad, maybe worse, than teens when it comes to sending and receiving texts while driving.

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project looked at adult distracted driving habits. They took these results and compared them to a teen survey done by Princeton Survey Research International. The survey found that 47 percent of texting adults say they have sent or read a text message while driving compared to 34 percent of texting teens doing so.

Other interesting result from the survey found 75 percent of adults who own a cell phone admit they talk on their phones while driving. Compare this number to the 52 percent of cell-phone owning 16- and 17-year-olds – that translates to 61 percent of all adults, compared to 43 percent of teens. It makes you have to wonder if teens are smarter than their parents

Another surprising stat revealed was that 17 percent of the adults surveyed admitted to hitting another car or stationary object because of distracted driving. Other results show that around half of both adults and teens say they have been in a car while a driver was texting. Forty-four percent of adults and 40 percent of teens also noted dangerous cell phone use by the driver while they were passengers.

[Source: Ride Lust]