Porsche Beats MINI at its Own Game, MINI Still Comes Out On Top

Porsche Beats MINI at its Own Game, MINI Still Comes Out On Top

With Porsche refusing to take part in MINI‘s challenge to race at Road Atlanta (which was neither a real race, nor actually on the track at Road Atlanta), MINI decided to go ahead and stage the comparo anyway. And the plucky British automaker… lost?

That’s right, the MINI Cooper S couldn’t best the German juggernaut Porsche 911 – which comes as no surprise to anyone as the Porsche costs almost twice the price and has roughly double the horsepower. The autocross track the MINI devised to give the Cooper S an advantage helped, but not enough to secure a victory, with the Porsche still completing the course 2 seconds ahead. MINI likes to point out that each one of those seconds costs an additional $38,000.

Regardless, the entire marketing gimmick was a stroke of genius by the folks at MINI, attracting a ton of attention to the brand and drawing a comparison between the Cooper and 911 which reflects positively on MINI. (It’s a propaganda technique, read the section titled “Trasfer” here. Who said a philosophy degree was useless?)

To see how the whole thing went down and for several more videos about the event, see after the jump:

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  • Chad

    I bet if they re-geared the tranny for better low-end torque, they could make up that 2 seconds.

  • Caroline

    this all turned out quite well and nifty for mini. they come out of it looking like a fun brand and the kind of brand people want to hang with.
    fb page has some posts by the Porsche driver as well. he likely collected a check but seemed spot-on with the spirit of the thing.
    me? i drive a 06 vw golf. it’s alright I suppose.

  • Drew

    @chad, this is a race stock to stock, and the 2 seconds was the result. I am sure if we re-gear the mini and give it slicks and 2 shots of nos, it could’ve won the race for all that matters (your arguement makes no sense.)


  • dennis

    Geeze, put them on a track that is not tight, where the Porsche can stretch it’s legs, and then see where the mini is at. IF you want to see an even more lopsided victory for the Mini then they should have challenged a Bugatti Veyron to run on an autocross track.


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