Prior Design Offers Mercedes-Benz SL Facelift Options

Prior Design Offers Mercedes-Benz SL Facelift Options

The newly facelifted Mercedes-Benz SL offers a much more aggressive design. What it also leaves are R230 chassis owners wishing they could revamp their front end to the new generation without forking over the cash for a whole new car. There have been several aftermarket manufacturers that are catering to that market, offering all new front ends – hood, fenders, headlights, front bumper – to convert their SL to match. Prior Design has put their bid in with one of the nicer and more complete kits on the market for those R230 owners looking to rejuvenate their car.

Mimicking the AMG Black Series, Prior Design’s SL63 package is aggressive and offers no hint of subtlety to the conversion. Their version of the widebody isn’t as aggressive as the AMG Black, offering a fine balance for the daily drivers that aren’t looking at screaming for attention. Their demo car also sports a set of aggressively designed wheels that actually fit the overall theme of the car. We can’t help but think that it wouldn’t be as pretty of a sight if these wheels were on any other car.

If you’re in the older R230 chassis, the full package costs $17,000 since additional parts (such as the hood and headlights) are required to do the conversion. For those sporting the already facelifted SL, your charge is a “measly” $11,000.

Again though, we wish some of these aftermarket manufacturers would use cars that aren’t black. Sure the black on black looks menacing and mean, but a light colored car will really show off all the new curves and lines. Nonetheless, Prior Design has done a fantastic job for those looking for a nice alternative to AMG Black styling.

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[Source: Jon Sibal]