PT Cruiser Set for July 9th Elimination

PT Cruiser Set for July 9th Elimination

The PT Cruiser, the car we love to hate, will pull into the parking lot in the sky on July 9th. According to a report by Wards Auto, the unconscionably retro cruiser will cease production (for real this time) this summer.

As much as we abhor its styling, we give full credit to the folks at Chrysler who managed to have the PT classified as a light truck, allowing the automaker to essentially cheat the CAFE regulations for the rest of its truck line.

Chrysler canned the PT Convertible back in 2007 and has dropped several more models from its lineup in recent years. In fact, with the PT Cruiser gone, Chrysler will only offer four other models: The 300, Town & Country, Sebring and Sebring Convertible. And with the Sebring set for elimination as well, it won’t be long before Chrysler only has two cars in its dealerships.

A Sebring replacement is due out soon, however, as is a new compact model, with Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne announcing the new C-segment car (which would replace the PT Cruiser as well as the Dodge Caliber) could arrive as early as late 2011.

In total Chrysler has sold 1.2 million PT Cruisers since the model was introduced in 2000.

[Source: WardsAuto]

  • Chad

    How did a car that ugly sell so many? No wonder Americans never get the cool cars, we prefer the ugly models.

  • T.I.

    This is a tragedy… NOT!

  • genso

    my daughter says that the pt looks like a mini hurst but i have one a 2009 and i love it, so put that in your A_____s and s_____ it out!!!!!