Report: Hyundai Genesis Coupe May Recieve All-New 5.0 V8 Engine

Report: Hyundai Genesis Coupe May Recieve All-New 5.0 V8 Engine

Hyundai recently debuted a new 5.0L version of their Tau V8, reportedly making 429-horsepower. The engine will do duty in the new Equus luxury sedan, and according to some, the Genesis sedan as well. But what everyone wants to know is, where’s the Genesis Coupe V8?

On paper, it seems like a natural fit, turning the Genesis coupe into a natural Mustang killer. The Mustangs 5.0 motor only makes 412-horsepower, so Hyundai would have the Ford trumped in the all-important horsepower ratings game. But  one thing everyone seems to forget is that Hyundai previously stated that a V8 engine wouldn’t fit into the coupe’s engine bay.

We don’t know if Hyundai was just trying to placate those who might be underwhelmed by a V6, or if they have been hiding this little gem the entire time. More likely than all of those is that this is just idle speculation dreamed up by someone who wants to see a 5.0 badge on the side of a Genesis Coupe.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Chad

    I predict that Hyundai will find a way to cram a 5.0L motor under the hood if it will generate sales and their cache.

  • Harvey Logan

    Absence of V8 or a 3.5 V6 turbo-motor only reason that I didn’t purchase a Genesis coupe to replace my 350 Z when the lease expired last month. Hope that Hyundai corrects that oversight in the very near future.

  • Nik in Toronto

    I’ll ink the deal the second (including the one you shave off 0-60) the V8 is announced to be available in the Genesis Coupe. Triple Black with HRE 19″ wheels will make this car absolutely beautiful. Make it happen Hyundai!

  • Bob

    Do it!

  • Fouad Ghorayeb

    I think it will be just great to add a V8 engine to the current Genesis, i have the 3.8 and found it very powerfull, but it need more agressivity and more engine sound …(i mean sport and crisp sound) like for exemple the audi R 8 !! … yalla go for it and i certainly buy one