Report: McLaren MP4-12C To Be Offered In 2+2 Variant

Report: McLaren MP4-12C To Be Offered In 2+2 Variant

McLaren’s MP4-12C is the company’s first road-going 2-seater car. No, really. The British racing firm’s first effort, the McLaren F1, was famously equipped with a 3-seater configuration, with a drivers seat mounted in the center, and two bucket seats mounted on either side. A famous saying (sometimes attributed to F1 designed Gordon Murray) is that the 3-seater existed so that there was one seat for your wife, and one for your mistress.

With the MP4-12C, McLaren is back to the 2-seat configuration, but it may not be the sole option. Reports coming out of Germany say that a 2+2 variant is in the works, though its hard to imagine how McLaren will fit two more seats back there. Of course, the Porsche 911 and Lotus Evora are technically 2+2 cars, but in reality, the rear seats aren’t good for anything more than toddlers or golf clubs.

[Source: Autoblog]


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