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 |  Jun 06 2010, 7:25 AM


This weekend is Formula Drift’s Round 3 event at Wall Speedway in Wall, New Jersey. So naturally people are already sneaking in photos from what’s being unloaded in the pits. One of the new vehicles uncovered is Ryuji Miki’s new drift Lexus SC430. And while we’re surprised by how physically unappealing it is, we’re excited to see this luxury platform go sideways.

Ryuji Miki’s drifting career has been a wild ride ever since he captured the D1 Grand Prix championship in 2004. After switching to the Top Secret / ORC 350Z with little success, Miki ended up back into the APEX’i RX-7. After a break-up with Bergenholtz Racing, Miki continued campaigning with APEX’i but it looks like they’ve finally decided the FD is just way too old and had to go.

What is even more interesting on his latest car is the prominent Lexus branding. Perhaps the team nailed themselves some OE support? We’ll have to see if and how well the car competes this weekend, or if Miki will be back in the FD. Either way, Formula Drift is getting more exciting with plenty of domestics, imports and now luxury cars – Essa’s BMW M3 and now this Lexus SC430.

[Source: Wrecked Magazine]