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 |  Jun 09 2010, 10:15 PM

Gosh, it’s hard to believe the Honda B-Series engine is still kicking strong after all these years. Sure, it’ll always be one of the most cost-effective engines out there for power to dollar output, but one would think by now the K-Series would be overwhelming the B-Series in popularity. But no way, Honda and Acura enthusiasts say. We love the B-Series, will stick by the B-Series and the K-Series can kiss our proven performance.

Skunk2 has proven just how strong the B-Series market still is, continuing to develop and market products for the popular Honda engine. But while all the other aftermarket manufacturers are chugging out black-powdercoated parts, Skunk2 bucks the trend with a nice red finish on their intake manifolds that match the crinkle red found on JDM B-Series valve covers.

It’s one of those situations where we sit back and wonder – why did it even take this long for someone to do this? The clean red valve cover is probably more popular than the factory black one, and the intake manifold is one of those components that would be a perfect match. So forget chroming or polishing your intake manifold. Get in line for one of these bad boys – they’ll be limited in quantity and if we had a B-Series lying around we’d for sure get one.

GALLERY: Skunk2 Red Pro Series Intake Manifolds

[Source: Skunk2 Blog]