Smart Tips for Buying or Selling a Used Vehicle

Smart Tips for Buying or Selling a Used Vehicle

Buying a used car can seem like a daunting task. Do you go to a dealership or try your luck on Craigslist? What happens if you want to sell your car? There is plenty to keep in mind, and before buying or selling your vehicle, you should arm yourself with all the facts before making the plunge.

If you’re the one doing the buying, make sure that what you’re agreeing to purchase is what is really promised – especially if it’s a private sale from an individual. These cars come without a warranty, so if this is a major concern, stick to a new car or a dealership.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to buy or sell a used car:

  • What’s the car worth? Whether you’re buying or selling, this information is crucial, so do some research on the web. There are plenty of sites out there, including Autoguide’s used car section.
  • Take the used car to a trusted mechanic for inspection and look to see if that particular vehicles has ever been recalled (you can find out this information at It’s also smart to ask what work has already been done on that vehicle.
  • If you’re selling your car and not planning on replacing it, you need to remove your license plates and surrender them to the DMV.
  • Sellers need to sign the title over to the buyer and then bring it to the DMV to get a new title and registration.
  • Some US states and all Canadian provinces require a Bill of Sale, which includes year/make/model, VIN, mileage, sale price and buyer and seller contact information (address and phone). If you’re selling a used vehicle in Canada, you need to supply the buyer with Used Vehicle Information Package (you can download it from If you’re in a state that doesn’t require it, it’s still a good idea to document the transaction fully, as well as to exchange driver’s license numbers.
  • Buyers beware of online scammer sites. It’s a good idea to buy a used car locally, so you can see it and test it before you decide buy. There are risks with online sites that offer to ship and collect money through a third-party program.

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  • Buying and selling of used cars is a trend and if you are planning to buy a y=used car then you should do it smartly so that the car you bought is according to your requirements. First thing is to figure out the cars you want to buy and then what you can afford so, shortlist the cars accordingly.