Spyker Aiming for 700 Percent Increase in Sales by 2013

Spyker Aiming for 700 Percent Increase in Sales by 2013

Dutch sports car maker Spyker Cars expects to become a more significant player in the exotic automobile market in the near future, with claims that sales will increase seven-fold over the next two years. In an interview with Business Week, Spyker sales manager Peter van Rooy commented that in 2012 the Dutch automaker expects to sell 250 C8 Ailerons. (The C8 is the newest model in the Spyker lineup, and essentially replaces the C8 Spyder and C8 Lavallette, which are being phased out.) While not a large number on its own, it’s up drastically from the 36 cars delivered lat year. In fact, since the brand was established in 2002, it has sold just 214 vehicles in total. The new C8 Aileron costs roughly $240,000.

There are three main reasons for the drastic increase in projected sales, the first being the car. Unlike the last model, Spyker sees the new model as more refined and modern. “It won’t be bought as an owner’s sixth or seventh collector’s item. People will probably be putting more miles on this one.” Secondly, Spyker intends to sell its vehicles through Saab dealerships after taking control of the Swedish luxury automaker earlier this year. Finally, Saab intends to offer its first-even automatic transmission, which it believes will help sell vehicles in the U.S.

If Spyker’s targets are correct, the automaker expects to see a profit in 2012.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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