Study Claims 50 MPH Speed Limit Would Cut C02 Emissions By 30%,

Study Claims 50 MPH Speed Limit Would Cut C02 Emissions By 30%,

If you thought the 55mph limit was bad, brace yourself. A study by Dutch consulting firm CE Delft claims that reducing the speed limit to 50mph will cut carbon emissions by as much as 30%.

A reduction in the speed limit is a polarizing issue, with some people doubtlessly in favor of such a move, which would result in less fuel being burned and fewer cars on the road. However, CE Delft stressed that the 50 mph speed limit would be most effective in the Netherlands, as more people would walk, bike or take public transit – options that aren’t always available in the United States. The spread out, suburban lifestyle we have here is just not conducive to this kind of change.

[Source: Transport & Environment]

  • Chad

    Survey says BZZZZZZ! No thank you. Maybe for you city folk, or small country dwellers, more power to you. Leave me and my wide open country with 65 MPH superslabs. Unfortunately, I have a long commute to work. Slowing to 50 MPH would extend my commute an extra 15 to 20 minutes. An extra 15 to 20 minutes of spewing exhaust out. How about designing a motor to be more efficient at high speeds, instead? Once a car is going 65, how much energy is required to STAY at 65 assuming no use of brakes?

  • dylan

    i dont really care, co2 is not a harmful gas and global warming is political crap. i would like 85 to no speed limit.