Tesla Unveils Plans for Cabriolet, Crossover and Van in IPO Presentation

Tesla Unveils Plans for Cabriolet, Crossover and Van in IPO Presentation

American electric car maker Tesla is about ready to launch its IPO and go from a small niche market automaker to possibly a large international electric vehicle powerhouse. But in order to make hat next big step CEO Elon Musk needs money, and lots of it. So before he opens up his company to the market, Musk is shopping it around, hoping to convince investors with a business model for the future.

In a presentation that Musk will use to sell Tesla to investors, we get our first glimpse at what the company is looking to do in the future – including the addition of three new models. On slide #19 of the presentation we see plans to develop not only the Model S luxury sedan, but also a cabriolet, a crossover and a van (presumably to target the commercial vehicle fleet market that Ford is about to control with its new Transit Connect EV).  As for that Cabriolet, it looks like a major shot across the bow of rival Fisker, and its upcoming Sunet convertible.

As much as we still have significant doubts abut Tesla as a mainstream automaker, there’s a lot of promise and it’s not just internet bloggers that think so, with Tesla having singed deals in the last 12 months with both Daimler and Toyota.

[Source: Newsbasis via Autoblog]

  • Chad

    Oh, look, it is the Skateboard design. To be revolutionary, don’t you need to have done it first? GM had working prototypes a few years ago using this packaging.

  • Dakota Joe


    Tesla is actually using the technology in a REAL production sedan. I believe that makes them first. Then it will make them wealthy.

    Maybe GM should keep wasting money with prototypes while using ancient technology in their production line. That way they can’t benefit from the best technology. Lets the other automakers catch up and pass them.

    Great business plan GM.