The World’s Fastest Volkswagen GTI Is 13 Years Old And Goes 208.1 MPH

The World’s Fastest Volkswagen GTI Is 13 Years Old And Goes 208.1 MPH

Magazines have a way of glorifying stories in ways we cannot even imagine (trust us, we know). But this story of Jeremy Freedman’s 1997 Volkswagen GTI is surely worth a read. It relates to everyone of us speed addicts with trials, tribulations and a dedication to a family member. Even though most people outside car culture would never understand how setting a mph record is a tribute to a father that has passed away; we see that it’s one of the finest honors one can do.

In summary, Freedman started off with a 1992 Volkswagen GTI and drag racing was in his blood. Going fast, saving up for new parts was routine for Freedman along with his passion to compete. After his father passed away, Freedman used the money his father left behind to purchase the 1997 GTI you’re staring at now. After years of pushing it to the limits at the drag strip, Freedman set his eyes on a new goal – setting a mph record.

Fast forward several years later and Freedman has eclipsed the 200 mph mark in his 13 year old Volkswagen GTI at the Texas Mile. And even though it only runs 10’s at the quarter mile, Freedman is quick to justify how much more of a thrill it is racing the standing mile and silencing all the critics out there. Sure it’s not a Supra, or a Lamborghini. But we’ll be damned if we can’t pay respect to a VW GTI that’s gone over 200 mph!

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[Source: EuroTuner]

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