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 |  Jun 10 2010, 9:56 PM

The Toyota Yaris was voted as the 2010 Best Overall Value of the Year. V-A-L-U-E, not F-U-N. But hey, who is to stop crazy enthusiasts from turning it into fun? Much like the Honda Civic Hatchback from say 1995, the Yaris wasn’t meant to be turbocharged, or taken down the quarter mile. It was meant to be a nice, cost-effective and fuel-efficient vehicle that could get you from point A to point B without looking too funny. But now we’re staring at a 12-second Toyota Yaris that boasts over 350-hp. Say what?

According to its spec sheet, the motor has been bored and sleeved to approximately 1.6-liters. Fully built with new pistons, rods and an overhauled head. The turbo kit was pieced together with a Garrett T28 as the heart of it and an AEM EMS controlling it all. On the outside we have to admit this Yaris doesn’t even look half bad. The black and white theme is clean, and who would’ve thought white wheels would still look cool in 2010? The riveted carbon fiber fender flares are a nice touch too.

Don’t believe it? Think this owner is just hard parking his wicked Toyota Prius at a show? Check out the video after the break where it blasts a 12-second pass in your face!

GALLERY: 357hp 12-second Toyota Yaris

[Source: ClubLexus]

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  • user

    Imagine what this thing would do with a stuck pedal!

  • echo_hrs

    Micro Image FTW! Way to go Garm!…

  • Subcompact Culture

    “Don’t believe it? Think this owner is just hard parking his wicked Toyota Prius at a show?”

    I believe you mean Yaris, not Prius.

  • Mike

    350hp in such a light car and only 12s….sad.

  • fuck ur mom

    gay shit

  • fuck yo mama

    fucking ugly, yeah 350 hp only 12s, sad, and BS