Unleash Your Inner Rock Star While Driving with Caraoke App

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star While Driving with Caraoke App

Are you always amazed about how good of a singer you are while listening to the radio while driving? Then Aha Mobile has just the app for you – Caraoke.

Caraoke comes with a bundle of Aha Mobile iPhone apps, which include Inrix (monitors local traffic), pre-recorded podcasts, comedy clips, and an application that will read your Facebook friends’ postings aloud.

Caraoke allows users to record 15-second audio clips while they are driving and singing their little hearts out. Once they record themselves, these driving divas can share these clips with all Aha users. And what you’ll hear will keep you laughing for hours – in fact, it’s just as fun to listen as it is to sing. It’s pretty much guaranteed that even the longest commute will feel so much shorter when listening to a middle-aged business man belting out Sweet Child ‘O Mine.

“It does tend to sound like the American Idol bloopers reel,” says Robert Acker, chief executive of Aha Mobile, who refers to the program as a “community-only content channel.”

Isn’t it awesome that you can now prove to your friends that your rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” is way better than the original? If nothing else, Caraoke gives your kids just one more reason to cringe in the back seat.

[Source: Kicking Tires]