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 |  Jun 03 2010, 12:17 PM


The partnership between Volkswagen and Red Bull has always been an interesting one to us, given that high-energy isn’t exactly the first thing we think of when we hear Volkswagen. With the Beetle and the Bug being their staple vehicles for many years, VW has been working hard to change their brand image through exciting new products and partnerships.

Partnered up in 2004, Red Bull has been seen plastered all over Volkswagen’s Race Touareg team that we have to admit is highly successful. Starting this week at the upcoming Red Bull Air Race in Windsor, Canada, Volkswagen will in turn be plastered all over as a global sponsor with vehicles and logos. Perhaps Jorn Hinrichs said it best for Volkswagen’s expanded partnership, “At Volkswagen, we have a tradition of supporting attractive, customer-oriented and emotional events, such as the GTI meet at Wörthersee recently, which attracted around 120,000 visitors. Hence the Red Bull Air Race constitutes the ideal environment to present our brand and our sports models, like the Scirocco R, to a wider public.”

We can’t agree more with how great the Scirocco R is, and we’re happily inviting Volkswagen to confirm that it will be shown in North America for the first time soon. So whether it’s on the ground or up in the air, Volkswagen is on board with Red Bull in continuing to make their brand more exciting and less… punchy. Get it?