1 of 1 Green Audi S5 For Sale – It’s Not Easy Being Porsche Lime Green

1 of 1 Green Audi S5 For Sale – It’s Not Easy Being Porsche Lime Green

Jack Baruth is a many who wears many hats; auto racer, contributor to The Truth About Cars, musical savant and contrary to his reputation in some circles, an all-around nice guy.

Being in possession of a few too many cars, Jack has decided to turf his most infamous steed, his bright green Audi S5. While other sites have been breathlessly reporting on the sale, going so far as to judge the choice of color combination (Porsche Lime Green with a Tuscan Brown interior), we at Autoguide went straight to the source to get Jack’s take on the car.

“I was looking for something that captured the spirit of the early Seventies,” he said. “Also, I think people who buy black German cars and black out the windows are candy-ass douchebags and I wanted to make a strong statement to that effect. Lastly, I did it for the nookie.”

The S5 in question has quite an illustrious history, appearing in a few of Jack’s columns at SpeedSportLife and taking part in the Cadillac CTS-V Challenge. Having seen the car in person, we can confirm that it is visually striking and there really isn’t anything else like it on the road.

[Source: EBay]


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