2011 Chevy Corvette Commercial – America Still Builds Rockets

2011 Chevy Corvette Commercial – America Still Builds Rockets

Chevy has just released on YouTube, its first Corvette-exclusive video in as long as we can remember and it’s definitely worth a watch. Comparing the Corvette to a rocketship it makes for a great spot and will have you feeling like a proud American and a little nostalgic.

But like the ad says “It’s nice to know America still builds rockets” and so you don’t have to dream about the good old days, you can live them today – buy buying a Corvette of course.

GM seems to be putting a lot of marketing might behind the Corvette as of late, announcing yesterday that those looking to purchase a Z06 or ZR1 can now opt to assemble their own engine in what the company is calling the Engine Build Experience.

It’s believed that Chevy is looking to take the Corvette’s image up-scale to match its performance as it prepares to launch a seventh-generation car in the near future.

Check out the video after the jump:

[Source: GMI]

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  • DJ Martin

    Best Chevy ad in a long time! Reminds me a little of the Ford GT ads, but needs to have more track time.

  • Mij Ollidrac

    Encore encore!!!

  • Ed

    That was a cool commercial, need to see more of the car on the track.

  • RF

    looks just like the new Jeep Grand Cherokee spot!

  • Colum Wood

    I couldn’t agree more. Very Americana

  • tp

    Totally awesome commercial!! I’m a huge Vette fan. Just curious, but didn’t GM management decide to no longer use the “Chevy” namesake via official corprate mandate?… the new commercial ends with Chevy.com.

  • Colum Wood

    I believe it’s actually the opposite, with the individual brands running their own branding.

  • Pablo Martinez

    And how many Ferraris, Porsche’s, Aston Martin’s, Maserati’s, etc. can equal the performance of Corvette for the price of Corvette? OH, I forgot, they never learned how to do that! Corvette has been waiting for 50 years. It will wait for another 50 years for a legitimate contender! mass produced, not one off or handmade! First we won at GT1… all takers left. now we go to GT2 let’s see how long it will take…

  • Jeff Miller

    Great commercial, reminds me of the old GM days. Need more ads like this from GM.

  • Kirk B

    I own a C6 and I can tell you the commercial, like driving the car, is a revelation!…both leave lump in my throat and drives up my heart rate!

  • Bill_from_Louisiana

    Did you notice what the “rocket” was 16 seconds into the 45 second video? The Saturn 1B. Real nice of GM to feature a Chrysler product in their commercial. http://www.spacelaunchreport.com/satstg2.html

    Maybe that’s why they call them Government Motors

  • Beandon payne

    American is number 1 so is the vette