2011 Dodge Challenger Pricing Slips Out? Significant Price Increases Included

2011 Dodge Challenger Pricing Slips Out? Significant Price Increases Included

We’ve heard several reports about what’s coming for the updated 2011 Dodge Challenger, but now it appears as though the updates will come at a cost. While Chrysler hasn’t released any official info, car buying site NADA Guides has a listing for the 2011 Challenger with what appears to be the new 2011 info and pricing – including the new engine options and increased sticker prices

While the photo provided shows the 2010 model, the list of engines includes the new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 and 6.4-liter Hemi V8. According to the numbers shown on the site, a base Challenger with the new V6 will cost $2,310 more in 2011, rising from $23,695 to $26,055. The R/T climbs $1,910 from $31,610 to $33,520. As for the big-dog SRT8, it’s priced at $1,921 more than the 2010 model for a rather significant $45,601.

As much as we hate to see prices go up, there’s arguably good reason. Not only are we likely to see some interior trim upgrades in the new Challenger, but the new engines are poised to make big improvements in power and fuel economy. The base SE model with the new V6 is slated to get 40-hp and 20 ft-lbs for a total of 290-hp and 270 ft-lbs of torque. Fuel economy should also get a boost, up from 18/25-mpg (city/highway) to 20/26-mpg. As for the SRT8 model, that new 6.4-liter V8 should deliver 480-hp and 460 ft-lbs of torque, an increase of 55-hp and 40 ft-lbs of torque.

[Source: NADA Guides via Autoblog]

  • Darkstar

    At those prices, they’re just going to make the car unaffordable by most who want it, and place it squarely in the market for the rich/elite, who aren’t even that interested in it. Great marketing strategy… NOT!

  • Mopar Guy

    Looks like you’ll be able to get a deal in about a year when they’re stuck with these sleds. They look awesome, but come on…for LESS money you can get a 5.0L Mustang GT that has 40hp MORE and weighs 600lbs LESS. That’s like driving around with two fat guys constantly.

    Option two: Buy a used 2008-2010 SRT8.

  • Daniocal

    I’m not impressed with the improvements in the line if they have to raise prices to justify them. The price barely went up for the 2011 Mustang over the 2010 models for more drastic improvements and their prices were lower to begin with. On the upside you’ll still see 10 Mustangs for every 1 Challenger if they stick with this pricing scheme.

  • Ricky

    This car is very affordable for the HP

  • Ricky

    I actually thought it would be much more, so this is great


    ” I have a 2009 RT that was built in August of 2008. The difference in sticker then and now is over $4000 for a similarly equipped car. But trade in values for this car are a joke. There are dealers still trying to get thousands over sticker when resale value is plummeting. I would consider trading or buying a 2011 due to the upgrades like super track pack and if colors are offered for interior. But who wants to spend $50,000 for a SRT when the car is worth $12000 to $15000 less in just a year or 2. “

  • Phillip

    I would 20-25 years from now the car will be worth $100K. Just like my 67 charger cost $4500 then and now its worth $70K. Pretty nice investment I would say. You have to relize because of the price very few will be bought and in mint condition 25 years from now. Just like the 426 hemi in my 67′.

  • KDJ

    I’m not sure what Dodge is thinking with the significant price increase. There better be some serious upgrades to the “base” package to justify these hikes. You already see 5 Camaro’s and 10+ Mustangs for every Challenger on the road. I have a 2008 Mustang GT and want to upgrade to a Challenger or Camaro. For the price of an R/T I can get a Camaro (or Mustang for that matter) that will run rings around an SRT. Throw an upgraded exhaust and a cold air intake on the Camaro and I’m pushing 450 hp and still have $$ leftover vs. an SRT.

  • Gerry

    If Dodge increases the price it will be a great disappointment, the car is already more expensive than a camaro or mustang. I like the Challenger more than the Camaro or Mustang and was planning to buy one early next year but if prices keep going up, I just may go with the Camaro.

  • Walter

    Last year motor trend said bang for the buck is to go with the Challenger R/T vs SRT8. Now that the SRT-8 has changed is it still better to go with the R/T?

  • Kevin

    You get what you pay for…the reason the Mustang weighs 600lbs less is because it is a smaller car with less substance…and cheaper to build…using less materials…Mopar Guy…if you think it’s a better value…buy it…but then, I guess,..you’d be FORD GUY….right?

  • chad

    i wonder what $$ that srt will be in canada??? and a 6.4 liter with only 480 hp, ? i would think it would be at laeast 500???

  • RetiredLE

    Re: “I would 20-25 years from now the car will be worth $100K.”

    I’ll be dead by then…..

  • Lucy

    Well I have driven the Dodge Challenger SRT 8 n love the drive.. Its Great! Im just waiting on them to offer it in White.

  • donna

    My husband and I wemt to the local dealership and I fell in love with 2011 Fusia colored one they had and my husband wants to wait for the 2011 hemi to come out He does not want to drive around in a Fusia color car Who do you think is going to win?

  • Bennet

    Duh….Your Husband.

  • Whipped

    At least you are letting your husband buy one.