2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS Revealed Ahead Of Paris Auto Show

2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS Revealed Ahead Of Paris Auto Show

Brazilian car site Noticias Automotivas has leaked the first pictures of the all-new redesigned Mercedes-Benz CLS, caught by a car fan who stumbled upon a photoshoot for the new vehicle at Mercedes-Benz’s Stuttgart museum.

The current CLS is an iconic design, responsible for launching the “low-slung 4-door coupe” category that’s been aped by the Volkswagen CC and countless other designs. Mercedes had to tread carefully when re-designing the CLS, and the new look seems to reflect the company’s current design language, with the area aft of the C-pillar taking on a resemblance to the S-Class.  The front of the car ditches the oblong headlamps and goofy grill of the current CLS for a more severe treatment, a hunkered-down, square theme that will look imposing in the rearview mirror of most cars, while the greenhouse area (the top of the car from the A-pillar to the C-pillar) still retains the unmistakable CLS look, with a very severe curvature as the roofline slopes towards the back of the car.

The new CLS is expected to debut at this year’s Paris Auto Show, and Autoguide will be present to cover the launch at the end of September.

[Source: Noticias Automotivas]

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    Love the new styling of the CLS! I think it will prove to be a great alternative to the more traditional E-Class and S-Class, just like its predecessor.