2012 Dodge Magnum Revealed

2012 Dodge Magnum Revealed

Is this the 2012 Dodge Magnum aka Dodge’s replacement for the Dodge Durango? Spy photos obtained by blogger Asian Martin show the vehicle’s design, and a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee next to it, and we’re inclined to think so.

The Magnum is expected to get Chrysler’s Pentastar 3.6L V6, and the photos clearly show design cues taken from the Ram pickup. The 5.7L Hemi V8 is a logical addition as well. Based on spy photos and some leaked patent drawings, this is likely your first look at the new truck.

[Source: Asian Martin]

  • Rob

    Really? I thought the last thing the US needed from another taxpayer-funded car company was another oversized SUV????

    Please Chrysler… RE-THINK!

  • Lisa

    Its certainly an improvement on the old Durango…. will this replace the Durango?

    To me the word “Magnum” just sounds like “bad on gas” … they just phased out using the word HEMI, so why bring in MAGNUM?

  • Sweet

    Man that thing looks BADA$$!!! Good-bye Durango. A great consideration for Chrysler would be to offer a diesel version.

  • Don

    That is BADA$$!!! It’s about time they came out with a good looking SUV..

  • James Richard

    That’s NOT a Magnum. A Magnum is a car. A Magnum is a station wagon.
    If they want to bring the Durango back, that’s fine, but call it a Durango.
    At the time of this writing, I can only find one North American made station wagon. A Cadillac!
    What we need is a… a Magnum!

  • Josh

    I agree James. I had a SRT8 Magnum and it did everything I could have wanted from a non 4×4 vehicle. I have no idea why they weren’t popular.

    Call that a Durango or Caravan or something but not a Magnum. No way.

  • John

    The Magnum was ORIGINALLY a 2 door mid sized car from the 80’s.
    Then Chrysler released the most recent version as a wagon.
    The style of the renamed Durango to Magnum looks alot better than the previous styling of the present Durango.

  • ray

    How can you complain about the Magnum name? It has no heritage. It was built for 2 years as a midsize in 78-79 and for 3 years as a wagon. No real history, just a name. And as for “another” SUV, there is no longer an Aspen or a Durango as of 2009, and the Magnum wagon was done after MY 2008, so here is ONE vehicle that will likely sell due to MPG and the trend toward crossover type vehicles. It’s almost as if we should be pissed off that Chrysler is trying to turn a profit by building a vehicle that competes with Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, and Honda.

  • Mac

    Finally a great looking crossover/SUV from Chrysler! If you have a problem with its fuel efficiency then DONT BUY IT! Gas guzzling cars don’t come from ignorant automobile companies, they come from ignorant consumers. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Chrysler isn’t going to stop making SUV’s just because we need to “save the environment.” A smart company sells what is in demand, and I hate to break it to ya but women love SUVs, and not everybody wants a small car. Stop getting your panties in a bunch, Chrysler is making a great looking car, and bravo to them for it. As long as the quality and performance can match the aesthetics, Chrysler might just have a hit!

  • jeremy

    I wish they would put a diesel in it so you could get some mpgs

  • Chad

    Jeremy, thanks to the tree-huggers, America will never see widespread use of diesel engines.

  • D.P.

    i agree with jeremy and chad im all about the diesel engines and chad thanks to tree-huggers america will never see a real vehicle again because my mom has a 1999 dodge 2500 and dad has a 2005 dodge 1500 and moms is so much better built than his so but i hate how america is goin now with vehicles!

  • DBR

    This is a Truck SUV rebaged Durango, not a Station Wagon. Does
    Dodge think consumers are stupid. There is Magnum about it but the name.
    Taking old names form sedans and wagons and slapping them on SUVs, Mini Vans, and Trucks is really bad busines. Town and Country Mini Van, Dodge Magnum. A Rose by another name, A SUV by another name, get it.Da

  • DBR

    Dodge: I can tell the differnce..between SUV, and a Station Wagon.
    Maybe Dodge can not tell the difference between a SUV
    and a Station Wagon. Hopefully the paint will stay on the
    vehicle for more than two years.

    2005 Dodge Magnum = station wagon
    2012 Dodge Magnum = SUV (rebaged Duragno)

  • sharla

    ok….lets set the record straight here cuz this is killing me! The new Durango is called a Durango…it is NOT called a magnum. The High end model is called a Citadel. It is a beautiful vehicle with fantastic fuel economy. It has the Ram truck front end and all the features of an Escalade SUV, but for a much more affordable price. 20 inch wheels, leather, heated/ventilated seats, the works. They will be making theyre appearance early in the new year. Maybe go ask your local salesman and get a sneak peak…cuz its a beauty of an SUV.

  • Gretchen

    I have a 2005 Magnum RT. I was initially excited to see the “new” Magnum, but this isn’t it. Too bad. I think I will keep mine.

  • Zachary

    DBR no dodge said the new dodge magnum will be a suv i know this isnt it but yes the new magnum is a suv