Audi Q1 Likely, Q3 Could See U.S. Shores

Audi Q1 Likely, Q3 Could See U.S. Shores

It’s not news that Audi built the A1 to compete directly with the MINI Cooper, or that BMW is upping the ante with a little extra competition in the form of a new front-drive 1 Series hatchback (for Europe only). But now it appears as though the two German rivals will take their small car tit-for-tat further, extending into the real of compact, and even sub-compact crossovers.

With BMW’s new X1 model and the recent release of the MINI Countryman, Audi’s smaller Q3 model is set to debut soon – possibly as early as this Fall’s Paris Auto Show. But Audi isn’t going to stop there with reports suggesting a Q1 model could also be in the four-ringed automaker’s plans. Based on the VW Polo/A1 platform, this small soft-roader could get a version of the 178-hp 1.4-liter twincharger engine.

And with the A1 most certainly a European exclusive (at least fur its first generation) there’s word that the Q3 could be sold in North America after all.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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