California To Mandate Tire Pressure Checks To Reduce Emissions, Score One For The Nanny State

California To Mandate Tire Pressure Checks To Reduce Emissions, Score One For The Nanny State

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has mandated that vehicle tire pressures must be checked during routine service and in line with the recommended factory settings.

The initiative comes as part of a bid to cut down on under-inflated tires, which use more fuel and by extension, emit more greenhouse gases. While the law was initiated in 2009, the law was revised to include maintenance shops but exempts auto body shops, auto glass installers, auto dismantlers, and auto parts retailers.

Despite being well intentioned .here are numerous problems with the law; tire pressures can vary based on the weather, how hot or cold the tires are, and customers with nitrogen filled tires can decline the service if the shop doesn’t have a nitrogen re-filling system. The law also smacks of yet another intrusions of an overly paternalistic government. Perhaps if CARB legislators kept their mouths shut, less hot air would escape, leading to a further reduction in emissions.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

  • scott

    i work in a new car dealership if the state wants to make me check every tire in my shop that i touch then here is a point they missed WHO PAYS ME TO DO IT? i am a flat rate tech which means for those who dont know no repair order or a repair order with o $ mean i DONT GET PAID and my children dont eat….if i spend 1 tenth per vehicle(thats 6 minutes) x 10 vehicles a day (average for me)thats 1 hr a day x$33.00 hr x that 1 by # working days say 21 thats $693.00 a month i lost in pay so why is this my problem that customer a- dont read the owners manual and b- are to lazy too check their tire at ever gas fill up like your manual says? so my point is state wants it state should pay for it or kiss my a** the state costs me enough $ time to more out of state if this sh*t keeps up….