Car And Driver Magazine Launches “Save The Manuals” Campaign

Car And Driver Magazine Launches “Save The Manuals” Campaign

With less than 10 percent of vehicles sold today equipped with manual transmissions, and an even greater number being taken off the road, Car and Driver magazine is on a campaign to “Save the Manuals”.

C/D Editor-in-Chief Eddie Alterman has this World Vision-esque video admonishing viewers to save old cars with manual gearboxes from rotting in the junkyard, or worse, LeMons races.

Really, the best thing would be to keep buying new cars with manual transmissions. Buying up used cars with stick shifts won’t make any car companies take notice, but if a whole lot of new cars start selling with manual gearboxes, supply with start to match demand. Vote with your wallets folks.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • Chad

    Automatics are instruments of the devil, and the lazy. Driving is more than just getting to point B. Demand a manual, take back the joy of driving!

  • Stan Dobson

    I’m doing my part! I’ve had only manuals since 1966 and am trying VERY hard to keep my streak going but I need a station wagon with a lot of cargo space.
    However, if I fail, I still have my 2010 Volvo C30 with a real stick shift!

  • Rajanewness

    I wish i could find an afordable manual transmission SUV i got a 1990 toyota 4runner i works but needs to be pimped. no tv screens fish tanks or the likes. it just needs basic TLC. SAVE THE MAUALS PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE al my 7 vehicles were/are MT.

  • coldwater music

    The manual shift car is tantamount to this society. Without stick shift cars we could not save on gas mileage, be part of an exclusive club (the ha ha I can drive this fancy car and you cannot club. THHICDTFCAYCC for short) but being serious. the manual shift car was designed for people who walks a different path, these people are quick with reflexes and are always on their toes. I am sure the multitasking helps when it comes to a step to prevent Alzheimer like using chop sticks. Either way it goes I feel like the car industry would be turning a cold shoulder to people who enjoy shifting gears and going fast!