Cargraphic Debuts 656-HP Audi RS6

Cargraphic Debuts 656-HP Audi RS6

Even though the current generation Audi RS6 is being discontinued, Cargraphic has decided that now is an opportune time to give those owners something to look forward to. Tuned wagons are some of our favorite vehicles, especially since no one ever expects it and they look absolutely killer when done right. Having 656-hp to back it all up helps too.

Cargraphic takes the twin-turbo Audi V10 to a whole new level bumping it from 572-hp to 656-hp, with very little details on how it’s achieved. We’re going to safely assume it’s an ECU upgrade of some sort since they do take the liberty to mention an exhaust bolt-on option. The exhaust is so aggressively tuned in fact that it’s not legal for use in German and only available for export use only.

Along with their exhaust options are a set of 21×10.5-inch Cargraphic GT-R wheels wrapped with 285/30/21 rubber. It’s a good thing this wagon pumps out over 650-hp to help spin those bad boys.

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Cargraphic offers exhausts, XXL-power and 21″ rims for the Audi RS6

Can an Audi with RS6 labelling possibly be an understatement? Of course, so long as the V10 in its Avant or Limo versions has had a performance boost from Cargraphic. Then the top-performance engine in the 4F series suddenly produce an impressive 489 kW/ 665 PS instead of the usual 426 kW / 580 PS. Roundabout 15% of extra power, which may not be visible on the Bavarian car but can certainly be felt. If you want to see and hear this “little adjustment” to the series, you can also add the three-part Cargraphic GT-R 21-inch rims and their special exhaust system. This roars so powerfully that it doesn’t match German noise regulations and is only possible to buy on export. The 10.5×21″ wheels gleam with character and quality. Optionally, you can buy them with 285/30R21 tyres.

The exhaust systems consists of mufflers and catalytic converters made in a Cargraphic factory in south west England. This framework of finest-quality rust-resistant stainless steel brings the cylinders blazing into full power. The combustion chambers are optimally refilled and emptied after each cycle of use. Moreover, the exhausts also add to the visual attraction of the car. If he or she wishes, the customer can choose to supplement the RACE design with its four 80 millimetre pipes with two oval exhausts. There is also the option of having them in black enamel for the really bad boy look. No wonder the RS6 pilots prefer to show other drivers their exhaust pipes rather then their tail lights.

PS: Cargraphic also has attractive exhausts for the other A6 engine variants, as well as a large range of one- and three-part light metal wheels and also a choice of chassis components.