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 |  Jul 12 2010, 4:56 PM


CEC Wheels has just announced their fleet of six vehicles attending this year’s Bullrun Rally. Starting from New York City and ending at Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re fairly confident this year’s Bullrun (which has just gotten underway) will be full of crazy antics. This year’s all star lineup from CEC Wheels consists of a pair of Mercedes-Benz C63s, an Aston Martin Vantage convertible, a pair of Ferrari 430s (one of them being a Spyder) and our favorite of the bunch, a Black Series-converted Mercedes-Benz SL63.

But let’s not overlook one of these Ferrari F430s. At a quick glance one may think it’s simply flat black, but on closer inspection this stallion sports a wicked carbon-fiber wrap. It’s got quite the sinister look and feel to it. The pair of C63′s don’t stand out to us, and neither does the red Spyder F430. (Aren’t we snobs?).

The Black Series-converted SL63 is worth taking a closer look at. The flat white exterior is definitely a nice change of pace from the matte black we’ve seen everywhere over the years. Our biggest complaint though is the ride height, but we’re sure CEC dialed-it in before they departed this past weekend on July 10th.

We’ll be sure to follow-up this week as things surface related to this year’s Bullrun.

GALLERY: CEC Wheels Six Car 2010 Bullrun Team

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[Source: CEC Wheels]