Chevy Extends Big Corvette Incentives to ZR1 Model

Chevy Extends Big Corvette Incentives to ZR1 Model

When the ultra high-performance Corvette ZR1 first debuted dealers hiked up the price as enthusiasts clamored to get their hands on what is easily the greatest value for a performance vehicle in the world. Over a year later and the price gouging has disappeared. So much so, in fact, that GM is now faced with the opposite problem: too much supply and not enough demand.

In order to move inventory, Chevy has announced that current Corvette rebates previously not offered on the ZR1 will be extended across the entire Corvette range. What this means is that for a limited time you’ll be able to knock $3,000 off the price of a shiny new American supercar. Better still, there’s a $5,000 discount to be had on 2009 models. (Although we should point out that the ’09s don’t come with Chevy’s more sophisticated traction control system, or launch control).

Currently, Chevy lists the 638-hp Corvette ZR1 at $106,880.

[Source: CorvetteBlogger]

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  • Andrea

    Greatest value, hmmmm I know of a few cars that are less expensive and deliver more…hence greater value.

  • ARealisticPerspective

    Um, wrong! There is no comparably priced car produced today that can deliver what a Corvette can…None.