Citroen DS9 To Be Put Into Production

Citroen DS9 To Be Put Into Production

Citroen has a serious problem with large sedans. Their C6, while gorgeous and a not entirely bad car, is selling slowly in the United Kingdom and other markets – and did we mention depreciation? A $58,000 C6 is between $16,000 and $20,000 after only four years!

This sends a pretty clear message that big Citroens are poison to most people. Obviously, these cars sell better in their home market of France, but the domestic arena is not the only one for Citroen.

But with their DS3 small car winning accolades all over Europe, Citroen is hoping to capitalize on its success, as well as the general affection that the public has for the old DS sedan, by bringing out the rumored DS9 large car.

Based on the Metropolis concept car, the DS9 would be a true flagship for Citroen, with a name evoking their most iconic model. Citroen is also looking to put the Survolt concept car into limited production, as well as creating a one-make racing series based around the car.

[Source: TopSpeed]