Cultural Icon DJ Pauly D Seen Shopping For Lamborginis In Las Vegas

Cultural Icon DJ Pauly D Seen Shopping For Lamborginis In Las Vegas

Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio, of MTV’s Jersey Shore reality show was spotted shopping for, what else, Lamborghinis in Las Vegas by celebrity gossip outlet TMZ.

Normally, Lamborghinis attract the “hairy chested, gold chain wearing” stereotype, but the immaculately waxed and tanned Pauly D has none to speak of. Despite his grooming habits, Pauly D reportedly requested a Spyder variant, to make room for his trademark “blowout” hair do.

In other news, mass suicides were reported across America when hard working men and women realized that the path to a Lamborghini is not an honest day’s work, but whoring yourself out on an MTV series, affecting the appearance of a lower-middle class uneducated Oompa-Loompa and contributing nothing to humanity.


  • Chad

    Jealous much? :) The entertainment industry has always been an odd beast. I am certain that Paul works very hard to keep up that image, because it pays the bills and buys Lambos. You never know, maybe at night when the cameras are off, he knits hats for parentless babies.

  • D

    Pauly D’s a great guy. Defiantly deserves it unlike others in the entertainment industry. Met him a few times.


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