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 |  Jul 07 2010, 5:04 PM


Ferrari is planning an onslaught of new products in the next few years, starting with a 458 Scuderia, and a successor to the Enzo supercar.

The new flagship promises to fill the shoes of not only the Enzo, but the 280 GTO and F40 as well, by adopting a 700-horsepower twin turbo V8, a dual clutch gearbox, direct injection and a carbon fiber structure.

For those of us without $1 million to blow on a car, the 458 range is set to expand, with the 458 Scuderia, that promises to be lighter thanks to carbon fiber parts, when it debuts in 2013. The 458 Spyder, due in mid-2011 will be mechanically identical to the 458 Italia, but undoubtedly a major draw with the Sunbelt crowd.