Ferrari 612 Successor Going All-Wheel Drive

Ferrari 612 Successor Going All-Wheel Drive

The replacement for the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti may come with a newly-developed all-wheel drive system from the Italian automaker. The source for the story is the well connected admin (DJ) on TeamSpeed, who claims his source inside Maranello has confirmed the AWD setup. This same individual also just brought us the very first photos of the 458 Challenge race car.

Reports of a Ferrari AWD setup have been around for years, with the system touted to use an electric motor to power the front wheels for added grip and under certain conditions, while the car will remain primarily a rear-wheel drive model. To a certain extent, this will make the next 612 a type of hybrid.

In addition, the next 612 (which is certain to be called something else) will be more of a true GT car, with added space, including in the trunk.

According to Fiat’s 5-year-plan, Ferrari will unveil the 612-successor next year.

[Source: TeamSpeed]