GM Plans To Launch 70 Updated Cars And Trucks By 2014

GM Plans To Launch 70 Updated Cars And Trucks By 2014

At a recent meeting regarding their proposed IPO, General Motors outlined their new product plans through the year 2014. According to GM’s plans,70 updates vehicles will be launched by 2012, but most of the vehicles will be for global export markets rather than North America.

While Opel and Vauxhall were confirmed to get 14 new models each, GM executives were a little more evasive regarding North American plans. Vehicles like the Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Impala, both front-wheel drive large sedans, were shown, while attendees also got to see sketches of the next Cadillac CTS.

GM North America President Mark Reuss said that the company’s focus was on the launch of the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze and Volt, compacts that can achieve over 40 mpg

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Dick & Sandy Frakes

    GM is getting better. However; Your car bodies are to small. Look at some of the most sucssesful cars. Honda, Nissan, Acura, Lexus just to mention a
    few. And now VW and Audi plus others. I can’t believe how far GM has gotten
    behind. It’s sad. And now your in bed with Obama of all people.
    Dick Frakes