Jeep Dropping Diesel Option for Grand Cherokee With No Plans to Bring It Back

Jeep Dropping Diesel Option for Grand Cherokee With No Plans to Bring It Back

It’s a sad day for diesel truck lovers. Jeep has confirmed that it will not offer a diesel engine in the new 2011 Grand Cherokee.

Utility vehicles and small compact cars are about the only places in the U.S. market where diesel vehicles have had any success and yet Jeep has cut the Mercedes-sourced 3.0-liter V6 that it offered on the previous-gen Grand Cherokee. “The business case has to make sense,” said Grand Cherokee chief engineer Phil Jansen at a recent press event, commenting that the urea aftertreatment system required to make the engine pass emissions must comply with emissions standards in all 50 states. More difficult than making the system meet emission standards, however, is getting customers to pay for it, with the cost of such an aftertreatment system certain to drive diesel Grand Cherokee pricing to a point where it would no longer be considered by buyers.

Buyers for the diesel option were already scarce, making up just 8 percent of all Grand Cherokee models last year.

As to whether Jeep would consider bringing the diesel back, Jansen said it would be something they would look at once diesel luxury SUV sales made up 15 to 20 percent of the market. In other words… not any time soon.

[Source: Automotive News via 4WheelsNews]

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  • Ron Trotta

    Mahindra is going to eat Jeep for lunch when they bring their diesel trucks and suv to the us market in 2011. It will be over if they ever bring their wrangles stepchild lookabitbetter vehicle. US auto’s use to lead now they get by just saying they do. Lead, follow then perish.

  • Jason Carpp

    Who says? Who the hell decides what is offered here in North America and what is not? And why is it not offered in this country? I’d rather drive an American built Jeep any day than an Indian built Mahindra. If that Jeep is offered with a diesel engine, I’d really like that.