Jeep Rocks & Road Tour Will Bring Off-Roading to You

Jeep Rocks & Road Tour Will Bring Off-Roading to You

Chrysler has been known for organizing public participation events at various locations across the U.S. and Canada. Now it’s set to launch another, dubbed the Jeep Rocks & Road Tour, which will hit 11 different venues across the United States from July 16 through October 31st this year.

The tour is designed “to provide our current and potential customers with an adventurous experience that is exclusive to the Jeep brand,” according to Jeep CEO Mike Manley.

At each location, the tour will incorporate on and off-road driving tests, with participants getting time behind the wheel of 2011 Jeep models, including the Wrangler, Patriot and new Grand Cherokee. Trained instructors will be on hand for the off-road sections, which will including multiple types of road surfaces, rocky trails and log crossings. In addition to sampling the latest Jeep offerings, owners of existing models will also get a chance to drive their own vehicles at these events in the ‘Jeep Owner’s playground.’ The tour kicks off at the Syracuse, New York Nationals (one of the largest car shows in the North East) on July 16th, with stops in Columbus, Ohio; Rockford, Illinois; Indianapolis; Boston; Omaha, Nebraska; Martinsburg, West Virginia; Virgina Beach; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Worth, Texas. The Jeep Rocks & Road tour is free to those that pre-register for the event, so long as they bring their receipt with them on the day.

For more information, including the exact venues for the tour, click on the link below.

[Source: Chrysler]

  • Joseph Jarvis

    We were advised by our dealer at Romano Ford in Syracuse to go to the Rocks and Road tour due to the fact that we were interested in a 2010 jeep liberty.
    They told us to go test drive a vehicle and we will recieve a $750.00 dollar coupon. We did this. We purchased a 2010 liberty, signed the papers and have possesion of the car. But we are being asked to this date for the coupon. We Were told on July 16th at the Nationals that the coupon would be emailed to us immediately.
    We gave Romano Ford on Genesee St. in Syracuse my hang tag. But once again we received a phone call today asking if we were emailed this coupon. We don’t know who to ask for help?
    We were at your tour on July 16th at the Nationals. Test drove a 2011 grand cherokee and have not received the coupon.
    Please let us know what to do or send us the coupon.
    Thank You,
    Joe Jarvis