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 |  Jul 29 2010, 9:39 AM


Well well well. One of the most beautiful (and most gratuitous) Aston Martins in the world is now for sale on JamesList courtesy of Prestige Cars Abu Dhabi. And if you’re unsure of what this beast is all about, we had previously posted up detailed photos when we spotted it in person at Frankfurt. But a quick summary is that Mansory took a DB9 and redid the entire body in full carbon fiber, widening it at the same time to mimic the styling of the One-77.

What we’re finding thoroughly entertaining about the listing is that there is little to no information on the car, as if it’s not required. Best of all, there’s no price listed at all but it’s available upon request – naturally. We’ll take a wild stab that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

[Source: JamesList]

GALLERY: JamesList Mansory Cyrus Carbon Fiber Aston Martin DB9

cyrus_10.jpg cyrus_2.jpg cyrus_3.jpg cyrus_4.jpg cyrus_5.jpg cyrus_6.jpg

GALLERY: Mansory Cyrus Aston Martin DB9 in Frankfurt


GALLERY: Mansory Cyrus Aston Martin DB9