MINI Canyon 3-Door Under Consideration, Based on Countryman

MINI Canyon 3-Door Under Consideration, Based on Countryman

After the positive reception given to the Beachcomber concept, MINI is interested in bringing a similar model to market, but one that could take the form of a 3-door Countryman. According to BMW company insider Scott27, MINI just doesn’t see a market for the Beachcomber concept, due to its 4-doors and niche-market appeal – namely, guys with suftboards.

Originally discussed back in 2005, this Sport Activity Vehicle would use a shortened version of the Countryman’s current platform, and it’s All4 all-wheel drive system. It could go by the name of the MINI Canyon. For inspiration, MINI designers are reportedly using the new Land Rover Evoque.

The MINI Canyon is still only in the design stages, but it’s suggested that a production model might not be that far off. After all, it’s hard to forget the words of MINI brand manager Dr Wolfgang Armbrecht when he said that, “MINI will never show a concept that won’t make production.”

[Source: MotoringFile]

  • Kevin

    I always wondered why no one has ever thought to bring out something like a Jeep Wrangler but much smaller……..Apparently they may now be thinking the same.