MTM Reveals First Audi RS5 Tuning Package

MTM Reveals First Audi RS5 Tuning Package

Famed German tuners MTM have gotten their hands on the new Audi RS5 and immediately began to make upgrades.

Finding the factory speed limiter an inconvenience, MTM has been able to retun the RS5 to hit a blistering 188 mph on the top end. How functional is that for us Americans? Well, probably not much since we find it hard to ever go beyond 120… errr, 70 mph these days. So we’re not quite sure how or when we’d find a use to go 188 mph. But hey, those Autobahn-lovin’ Germans probably get the opportunity all the time and at $1,429 we sure hope they get some use out of the unit.

There’s no horsepower gains out of the raised speed limiter, but MTM did announce they have an exhaust available. We’re guessing that’s good for a better tone more so than for power since they didn’t release any numbers. And naturally, MTM has a selection of wheels that will fit the RS5.

Future modifications on their list includes full suspension upgrades and we’re guessing sooner or later they’ll get some big gains out of the ECU. Stay tuned.


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